Who are we?
We are Stefanie and Katharina, two traveling cyclists from Switzerland. For us, bicycles are the perfect mode of transport: slow enough to take in the surroundings and to stop and talk to locals – as well as fast enough to cover some ground. In our panniers we carry all our gear, to cook, to sleep, enough food and water, so we can stop wherever we want.

What is our current trip?
On April 14, 2019 we left Köniz (Switzerland) for a cycling year around Europe. Our plan is as follows: Switzerland – Germany – Poland – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Sweden – Germany – France. Here we got stopped by the Covid-19-pandemic. A friend took us home with his campervan. We are looking for beautiful landscapes, nice encounters with people and animals, and, of course, insights into the meaning of life.

You’d like to read our blog posts, but don’t understand German?
We suggest that you use this translator as we find their work pretty satisfactory.

Where are we and where have we been?
Go to „Strecke“, where you’ll find a link to our map. There you can see our whole trip.

Contact us?
Write a comment. We’ll answer you from our next wifi spot.

Interested in pictures?
Go to „Bilder“ where you’ll find pictures from each country we cycled through.